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Records indicate that at the foot mark they found coconut fibers scattered among the Canadian logs. At 90 feet down, the men made an astonishing discovery: a. Each artifact has a bespoke specification sheet listing the pertinent details of its discovery and all were dutifully reported to the appropriate government. The Oak Island team is eager to get back out there! After an astonishing discovery of silver last season, the crew now plans to test water samples. No one's ever found it, but the island's legend continues to grow. By Stephen Maher August 21, Could Oak Island be home to hidden treasure. In , year-old Daniel McGinnis discovered a depression in the ground near a huge oak tree and evidence that a block and tackle had been used there.

Over the years, millions of dollars have been spent to find the mystery at the bottom of the pit. 6 men have died trying to get to a treasure that may or not be. The Oak Island mystery is a series of stories of buried treasure and unexplained objects found on or near Oak Island in Nova Scotia. Since the 18th century. Little work has been done in the area of the money pit itself as the soil is unstable. Often caverns, thought to be natural, have been found beneath the island. For example, in the Cave-in Pit was discovered on Oak Island when oxen plowing a field fell into a large hole. It might have been a naturally-occurring. If there was any treasure it was most likely found a LONG time ago, no real evidence of anything extant anymore. The island has been carved up. Artefacts Found ; "Christian Cross", ; Inscribed Stone at 90' in Money Pit, , At 90' level ; Wrought iron Caulking Tool (also referred to as "a piece of. Since a boy discovered a circular depression in , Oak Island has been an attraction for treasure seekers from around the world. Pre-book a tour today.

They point out that other sinkholes have been discovered on the mainland of Nova Scotia that bore a resemblance to the Money Pit. The mainland has also been. The top 25 treasures discovered on Oak Island So far · 1. The Money Pit · 2. Jewelled Brooch · 3. Granite Stone · 4. Coconut Fibres · 5. Swages · 6. Bone Fragments. The Oak Island The Oak Island Treasure Has FINALLY Been Found! The incredible news is truly astonishing! Rick and Marty, the fearless treasure hunters, have. Will began to report that the research team had made a spectacular discovery in the waters off Oak Island. Allegedly, they had discovered the body of a biblical. No treasure was to be found, but the legend which sprung up around the supposed buried treasure was so intense that generations of individuals for years. Jul 6, - Treasure has finally been found on The Curse of Oak Island, in the form of a brooch containing a year-old faceted red. The Curse of Oak Island team may have finally found evidence of long-term habitation on Lot 5 and directly linked the site with the Money Pit and the Garden. Lastly, there has been activity on a beach at a place called "Smith's Cove". Various objects including non-native coconut fibre have been found there. Since then, many teams have returned to Oak Island trying to find the buried treasure. They've dug in around the Money Pit and made some pretty interesting.

A number of coins have been found on oak Island and many more recently through the use of metal detectors. Two of the oldest are believed to be an 11 Maravedis. K. #atlantis #found #knowledge #discovery #oakisland #treasure #fyp K. Oak Island Update _ Huge Find Has Been Made #history part 7 oak island. This fragment of an old ruler or framing square was found near the buried log structures at Smith's Cove. It is made of hand forged wrought iron. This fragment of an old ruler or framing square was found near the buried log structures at Smith's Cove. It is made of hand forged wrought iron.

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