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Ancient Origins of the Wilson Families - The surname Wilson has its roots in both Scotland and England, and before that in Normandy and. Wilson Family History In , Kemmons Wilson took a trip to Washington D.C. from Memphis, TN with his wife and five children. Getting tired along the way. A Guide to the Wilson Family Papers, Call Number Mss1 W a FA2(Part of the Virginia Heritage: Guides to Manuscripts & Archival Collections in. Ulster's Office). Ar. a wolf salient vert, armed and langued gu. on a chief sa. a fleur-de-lis betw. two stars of six points or. Crest—A demi wolf salient vert. Wilson Family History · (born ) married Thomas Malthouse · Roger ·, - died at age of one, 5 Feb · Ann Taylor (see death certificate here.

The patronymic surname Wilson literally means “son of Will” with Will being a diminutive form of William. William is a compound name with Germanic origins. Thus far, none of the documented "Tree Branches" of the ancestors of William Floyd Wilson have not been traced beyond the American Colonies. Wilson is an English, Scottish, and Northern Irish surname, common in the English-speaking world, with several distinct origins. The name is derived from a. Wilson Family My Wilson family begins with my great grandfather James Wilson, who around ran away with Mary Agnes Best to Broken Hill and changed their. Background · Scope and Content: The Wilson family papers contains over 4, letters relating to the lives and fortunes of three generations of the family of. □ Wilson Family History HOME PAGE: □. Ancient Origins of the. Wilson Families. The surname Wilson has its. The saga of the name Wilson begins among the Viking settlers who arrived in Scotland in the medieval era. The name Wilson is derived from the personal name. He married LYDIA M. WILSON, daughter of ELI WILSON and NAOMI BLAGG. She was born in Highland Co, Virginia, and died in Pendleton, West. This free genealogy collection coordinated by Diane Wilson over the past 40 years includes records from many and varied sources to assist with your. Wilson Family Genealogy · GENEALOGY · MARY "POLLY" WILSON () married JORDAN DOTSON () and begat · GEORGE W. DOTSON ( - ), who. The English compass was given to Captain Zaccheus Wilson, he being a surveyor. General Cornwallis stops at the Wilson plantation on Steele Creek in.

Wilson Family and Museum History. John Howard Wilson () first came to Castine in with his mother, Cassine Wilson (), and his brother. The surname Wilson has roots in Ireland, Scotland and England, and before that some lines extend back into Normandy and Denmark. The surname appears to have. English: from the Middle English personal name Will + patronymic -son 'son of Will'. Will was a very common medieval short form of William. The branches of the Wilson and the Reed families arrived in Texas by the early 's following the western migration from the states of Missouri (Wilson). Wilson- gaelicised (rarely) as Mac Liam, the Irish form for William being Liam. The root is 'wil' an Old Germanic word which has passed into modern German. $ $ The Wilson surname in England is a patronymic, created from the Medieval personal name Will. Thus Wilson means "son of Will.". The Wilson ancient family history was found in the archives. Wilson is a baptismal name meaning 'son of William', a very old Norman personal. From its roots in Ulster, the Wilson surname spread throughout Ireland, with notable concentrations in counties Antrim, Down, Tyrone, and Londonderry in the. An unusually short lifespan might indicate that your Wilson Wilson ancestors lived in harsh conditions. A short lifespan might also indicate health problems.

The Wilsons are related to the Lambert family through three marriages between the offspring of Richard Wilson and those of Robert Henry Lambert. There is also a. The surname Wilson is about years old and appears to have been independently adopted numerous times by individuals or family groups who otherwise have no. Genealogy. Woodrow Wilson was the son of an immigrant mother from England, and the grandson of immigrant grandparents from Ireland and Scotland. Only three of. A name of truly martial roots, 'Wilson' derives from the personal name 'Will', a diminutive of 'William', which in turn stems from the Old German 'Willihelm'. Wilson Clan Motto: Semper Vigilans (Always watchful). History of Clan Wilson: The surname is widespread throughout Scotland, and, in the north, is sometimes.

The large Wilson family came from Acworth, New Hampshire, and trace their line to Rev. John Wilson, first minister in Boston.[1] Samuel and his wife, Sally. This month's family history features the Wilson family, which has a special connection to the Amherstburg Freedom Museum. It was William Wilson who lived in the.

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